If your body had a voice, what would it say?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to decipher your body’s messages? The gut feelings, the physical and emotion pain, the muscle tension, the anxiety that makes it hard to catch your breath? You are not alone in this, and you don’t have to suffer. Your body has the answers and I can help you tune in to the wisdom of your body.

You may not even realize you’re having a one-sided conversation with your body. It’s talking but you’re not really listening.

It all makes sense when you consider that not only are we not taught how to listen to our bodies, but we’re explicitly told to override its signals. Together, we can explore a different way. You don’t have to stay stuck in your reactive habits and patterns. New possibilities are available…

Somatic Therapy

where mind and body get acquainted

Think about how it would feel if you tried to speak the truth and were silenced, overpowered, or overruled, again and again, because it wasn’t convenient to hear your truth.

Because it wasn’t nice, or profitable, or it didn’t fit the timeline or expectations.

This is what we do to our bodies. No wonder they challenge us. No wonder they fight us. No wonder they shut down.

But we do it because it’s been done to us first. In some cases, it may be all we know.

The conditioning of conventional cultural norms and societal expectations runs deep in us.

And the stress and trauma of living in this world are stored in our bodies, where they becomes compounded and confusing and difficult to untangle.

Somatic Therapy is the untangling.

It is done with care and presence so that you can learn how to truly listen to yourself and to your body.

So you can feel stuck things shift and become dislodged.

And finally, whatever your body has been clenching onto can be released.

What people are saying

“Erin creates a space that allows everything to be possible. She encourages you to honour yourself, your body, and your impulses. If you want to know yourself better, work with her.”

– L.T.

What people are saying

“I expected breakdowns, breakthroughs, and dark, scary emotional things. But instead I feel light and yet full at the same time. Peacefully whole. Although the shifts were subtle, they were definite. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and to integrate these gifts into my everyday life.”

– Ash

What people are saying

“There’s something really special about working with Erin. Even when I feel like I’ve got things mostly figured out, I’m always surprised and inspired by what I learn from my body. ”

– J.C.

What people are saying

“Erin’s ability to create a space where people feel comfortable to expand into their body-mind relationship is magic.”

– Hannah E.

What people are saying

“Erin’s work is the deeper kind of self care that is challenging and raw but also deeply healing.”

– Dawn

What people are saying

“Thanks for the toolkit and for teaching me how to start my “homecoming.””

– Jess