“You’ll want to keep Erin in your pocket, like an emergency calm me down, talk me through it.”

That’s why I created just the thing to help you tone down your monkey mind and tune-in to the wisdom of your body:

You’ll learn 3 essential exercises for having a heart-to-heart conversation with your body.

As a Certified Somatic Synergist, I’m trained to help you quiet the noise that gets in the way of you hearing your body’s messages. I support you through the process of connecting with your body, to make sense of your life.

The free training contains 3 audios, each with a different exercise to guide you to having a conversation with your body.

“Just from listening to these audios, I experienced the type of release I get from having a massage! I was blown away – the pain, tension, and emotional overwhelm I had started out with were totally diminished.”


I’m Erin Lee Kaufmann, Certified Somatic Synergist, and I love helping people nurture the mind-body connection. So many people get caught up in the hamster wheel of the mind, but our bodies have so much to tell us! I’m here to support and guide you to start a conversation with your body so you can learn what all those aches and pains are REALLY saying. Connect with your body so you can make sense of your life!

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