I wrote this thing about how I was told that none of the boys wanted to dance with me because I danced “too weird”.

It came out kind of funny, but there’s something underneath the funnies that I want to address.

TONS of women don’t like to dance, especially not in a public forum (or even worse, think they “can’t” dance).

A surefire way to ensure that you exclude these people from your workshops is to say there are dance exercises involved.

And that is super messed up.

It’s not by some defect of our own that we feel uncomfortable, ashamed even, of the way we move our bodies.

We’ve been taught that there is an appealing way to move our bodies and if we don’t move in that way then we won’t be found attractive, which in a world where acceptance is based on how much we appeal to others, showing up in a way that isn’t conventionally attractive denies us access to community (even if it is a faulty one).

We’re told we won’t fit in if we don’t show up in a certain way.

Forget about the part where just having a body that isn’t thin/conventionally “pretty”/able/young/white is already grounds for body-shaming and exclusion.

What does all this mean? I don’t have the answers…

But one thing it means is that moving the way YOU like to move your body, the way that feels good to YOU is an act of rebellion.