The truth is, it’s not always easy and nothing is under control.

There are lots of parts of life and work and relationships and motherhood that I don’t love.

And yes, lots of people feel that way. I’m not alone and you’re not alone and we’re not alone.

It’s frustrating that there’s such an intense pressure to characterize our truthful, honest statements about our struggles with add-ons like, “But I’m so blessed”.

I can be blessed and angry.

Grateful and disappointed.
Joyful and lonely.
Full of love and sorrowful.

These feelings aren’t mutually exclusive. We are not one thing and only one thing.

And we need to move past the relentless need to manufacture and maintain happiness at all costs.

How are you?

-I am so much more than happy.

How are things?

-Things are so much more than good.