Women are the default caregivers of the world.

We put in countless hours of unpaid physical and emotional labour, without which, the family and the economy would collapse.

So how do we make our way to loving ourselves if we don’t value ourselves?

And how do we make our way to valuing ourselves in a world that doesn’t value our contributions yet has come to expect them and could not survive without them?

*Note: There’s a difference between “needing the world to value us” and having to exist and survive within systems of oppression. I’m talking about very real systems that de-value the work of women (and disregard their human rights). I genuinely question if self-love is possible and equally accessible for all within these confines.

*Other note: I’m also not sure how people get to “self-loving” within said system without acknowledging that a lot of their issues come from that very system. Naming the problem is part of the solution. People can’t love themselves if they can’t even name the cultural story that tells them they’re unworthy.