Imagine you are a photographer entering a darkroom, film in hand.

You have some idea or expectation of how your final image will appear based on what you chose to focus on and what lens you looked through.

But to get to the developed image, you have to do some work.

There’s an understanding that the darkroom is a place where experimentation happens, where you mess up and make changes and try again.

There’s revelation, alchemy, creativity, and play.

There’s an understanding that it’s a process.

And the end result is the emergence, the calling forth, of something that was there all along.

Like a roll of film, we all carry the imprint of our experiences in our bodies.

This is our emotional unfinished business.

To work through emotional stuckness, you need space to process the feelings that come up, to tease out what it is your body is saying to you.

This is important because your body doesn’t speak with words.

It communicates in images, movement, feelings, sensations, and metaphor.

And that’s why talking about your problems or your feelings doesn’t always make you feel better.

Because you can’t talk a picture into developing.

You can’t out-think an emotional state.

People come to me who are suffering in some way – they’re feeling stuck or experiencing an uncomfortable emotional state.

They have an understanding that they need something to help get them through, some sort of deeper examination or self-development work.

Somatic Therapy sessions are a container for that work.

It’s where I meet you in that uncomfortable place and help you interrupt the pattern so you can create a new one.

Somatic Therapy circumvents the thinking mind and helps you listen to your body’s voice and desires to see what emerges.

We use creativity, metaphor, imagery, and your own body’s information.

We translate it all, and in doing that give you a new way to engage with your feelings.

We uncover truths your body knows about but that you’ve forgotten or lost along the way.

This is where we do the work.

Life is messy, and this is where we untangle.

Just like in a photography darkroom, we start with an unknown and undergo a process of development.

Because Somatic Therapy isn’t about talking about your problems forever and ever.

This is skill-building work.

Together we will work on developing a deeper understanding of your body, a knowledge base.

And yes, at first you have to work hard to pay attention to what’s going on with your body, but with practice it becomes second nature.

And the more you practice, the more you are able to do this work on your own, to notice what your body needs when you’re feeling angry or stuck or anxious or fearful.

This is wildly momentous. This is the difference between spinning your wheels or pacing around in circles.

And don’t get me wrong, circles are a lovely shape, but when you’re ready to move through your stuck stuff, it helps to have the skills and knowledge base to rely on.

The value of Somatic Therapy work is that you are learning and building on what you know about yourself.

You will walk away with skills that give you the freedom to be able to do the work yourself and that is liberating.

Important note: I don’t fix. You’re not broken.

You just need to interrupt the pattern and disrupt the routine.

I witness, ask weird questions, and listen.

You have a wise body, and I hold space for you to hang out in your wisdom.

I guide but I don’t have an agenda. It all comes from you and your body.

In Somatic Therapy sessions:

  • We transmute and transform uncomfortable emotional experiences, so that you can break the cycle of thought patterns that no longer serve you.
  • We use imagination, metaphor, and visualization to bypass the thinking mind, so that you can listen to what your body is trying to tell you.
  • We use movement and curiosity, so that you can expand your awareness in and of your body.
  • We disrupt patterns and interrupt thought processes, so that you can liberate yourself from expectations.
  • We invite what is already there to emerge, so that you can develop in your own way at your own pace.
  • We shed light on what is important to you and what wants to be heard, so that you can build trust and confidence in what your body tells you.

And we do all of this so that you can know yourself better.

This work doesn’t have to be all heavy and intense.

We can talk about softening, about opening, about gentleness.

About boundaries and asking for what we need.

About surrender and how that’s different from giving up or being lazy.

About getting to a place where we feel safe to feel ALL of our feelings.

These are the types of things that are missing from our mainstream culture, and the conversations our bodies are craving.

Just as I said before, you can’t talk a picture into developing, and you can’t always know what’s already there unless you get curious and creative.

Somatic Therapy sessions will help interrupt and transform your emotional experience… and maybe even uncover the truth about who you already are underneath it all.

book your session:

We can work together either in-person at my office in Vancouver, or online via video conference (Zoom or Skype).

If you require a time outside of what is available on my calendar link, or have any questions, please get in touch at erin @

Somatic Therapy sessions are $100/session + tax.