Nobody teaches us how to fail.

So we chase success like it’s a race, but in a race, someone always loses. Oh, and nobody teaches us how to lose either.

We are grossly underprepared for the emotional aches and pains that accompany losing and failing. And yet, they are the inevitable byproducts of living and showing up and trying new things and putting yourself out there.

We think of win/lose or succeed/fail as the end part, but what if it is actually the middle?

What if the ending is about transformation? About unearthing something new or learning a new way of being with something, a new perspective, or a different understanding?

And the middle part is where we get to do the work. It’s sometimes called the liminal space, and though it can be uncomfortable to hang out there, making a practice of doing so offers us so much potential for growth and learning.

If we avoid showing up to our lives because of potential loss or failure, we’re missing out on the opportunity to see things in a new or different way.

*Note: You don’t have to perpetually live in that liminal, in-between space, and healing doesn’t require catharsis or re-living of trauma (or even really talking directly about it). If you’d like some support in exploring your in-between, uncertain, emotional places, let me know.