I was feeling particularly non-badass today and I needed some inspiration, so I channeled Trinity from the Matrix.

Here’s what I did in case you want to replicate.

    • 1) I put on all the black clothes I have that aren’t covered in baby snot. Yes, I am aware my shirt is grey. Close enough!

2) I wore my black jacket that unfortunately is kind of shaped like a garbage bag. An actual garbage bag might also work. Imaginations, people!

3) I used my husband’s hair product and slicked my hair back. Just use whatever you can find.

4) I made a fierce face. I thought fierce thoughts to help with my face.

5) I repeated “I’m a badass” over and over again in different voices and mangled accents until I made myself laugh and then started to believe it a little bit.

TA DA! Bad-ass! Now you try!