This video is part of a series of posts that recaps client sessions as a way to share with you the types of messages that can come through. My hope is that you’ll see yourself in these experiences, which often explore universal messages that many people can relate to or learn from. I’ve received permission from the client to share the story of their session. Names and any identifying details have been excluded.

Here’s an exercise to try:

Get as comfortable as you can, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Settle in to whatever position you are in. Notice how your body makes contact with the surface it is on. Notice what parts of your body sink in more than others. Do you notice any sensations? Think about the idea of all or nothing. If all or nothing could be represented by an image/words/shapes/colours, what would that look like for you? And where in your body knows about that? Now check in with what would feel good in that situation, what choice could you make or how could you move within it that would feel good? Maybe there’s a new word or phrase or image that arises that represents that choice to you, or maybe it’s an acknowledgement or simply a different way of being within that scenario. Explore that and notice what happens in your body as you try out a few different choices.

Video transcript:

This example was from a person who was feeling really overwhelmed at trying to be everything to everyone. Specifically I think this person felt the pressure of being relied on by many other people and felt like they were drowning in that and not able to keep up. Not able to please everyone and be there, be physically there, be emotionally there for all the people that needed them.

The way this showed up in their body was like an anchor. It was an anchor in the water, dark underwater and the anchor was just slowly floating down. And they were in this state of: I don’t know if I want to let the anchor sink or if I want to (cause it’s got a rope) if I want to grab the rope and pull it up.

And so we dug in to that a little bit more and it was this in-between space where the feeling was, I’m not ready to just let the anchor sink and disappear because it’s important to me to be the support for other people, it’s important to me to anchor other people and be the rock. And yet I don’t want to pull the anchor up altogether because I feel exhausted about always being this person that’s taking care of everything.

This is one of those really neat sessions where even just saying these things out loud was so validating for this person. So, saying out loud, “I don’t want to let it go completely but I don’t want to pull it up”. Both of those things that were existing were fighting with each other. And acknowledging both of them led to this complete, “Oh my gosh I’ve been carrying these things around and they’ve just been fighting each other, have to do this, have to do that, can’t do this, can’t do that”.

Being able to say, “You know what, I don’t really want to do the one thing or the other thing, I’m kind of in this in-between place and I’m just gonna hang out there and just watch this anchor do it’s thing,” ended up being a really peaceful experience and released a lot of physical tension in the body.

It’s interesting because it didn’t necessarily have a resolution with five steps or anything like, “Okay, this is how you’re going to go and be out in the world”. But there was physical tension from holding the conflicting beliefs, ‘I need to support everyone’ and ‘I need to just let everyone go’. And it was a realization of, “Oh there’s this in-between space where I can just not have to completely let everything go and not have to put completely hold everything. Somewhere in my body knows about that and I’m going to feel into that and see what it’s like and see how it feels”.