How to Listen to Your Body:

Resist the desire to ascribe meaning or value to your sensations and feelings. Consider yourself a collector of information. Like you’re an archeologist picking up a rock and describing its characteristics. Imagine yourself, genuinely intrigued, saying, “Hmm, interesting”.

Pick up that sensation of tightness, for example, and cradle it in your hands. Examine it carefully and name what you see/feel/sense/hear. Interact in whatever way you feel inspired to.

Is it tiny or medium-sized or too big for your hands to hold? Is it thick? Dense? Heavy? Hollow?
What about the edges?
What about the texture and weight and colour and shape?

Then go a layer deeper into desire.

Does tightness have ideas or wants or needs of its own?
And you. What do you want or need from the tightness? What do you want FOR the tightness?

THIS is how you start to get in touch with the inside parts of you. The forgotten ones.

Your body knows the truth and speaks the truth.

And the listening takes practice.

But it will help you reveal and unravel magical knowings that will prompt you to see the world and yourself in different and new ways. It will propel you in the direction that is the truest, best direction for the you that is the essence of you, the you before you put on all those masks.